The KX042-4a is the most environmentally friendly mini excavator in its class.

The KX042-4α incorporates a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) to ensure clean exhaust emissions. Additionally, the Kubota Original DI Engine is equipped with CRS and DPF and are Stage-V compliant. The new and improved DPF reduces maintenance by increasing the service intervals for both the regeneration filter and ash cleaner.

Also, the KX042-4a has excellent digging and lifting performance, AUX oil flow with proportional flow control, auto idling, auto-shift, float position and a wealth of other productivity enhancements. This results in having the power and versatility to handle the toughest jobs with ease.

Key Features
  • Kubota D1803-CR-TE5 water-cooled, diesel engine
  • EU Stage V
  • Luxurious Cab
  • High spec option available
  • Kubota original Anti Theft System
Product information
  • Operating weight (kg)
  • Max dig depth (mm)
  • Power (ps)
  • Cylinders
  • Max speed (km/h)