Kubota KX080-4a2 performance and design with an eye on the environment. 

Performance that is powerful yet clean, a design that is bold yet practical. It starts with a rugged and reliable direct injection
Kubota engine with CRS and a DPF muffler. A new 2-pump load sensing system improves the overall smoothness of operations when using the front attachments. The KX080-4α2 also offers a variety of other improvements that enhance convenience and boost performance and productivity for a wide range of jobs.

The KX080-4α2 can be equipped with a two-piece boom so you can take on tougher jobs in a wider range of sites. Furthermore, with it’s easy to control and smooth operation the extra versatility even under difficult working conditions minimises operator fatigue.

Key Features
  • Smooth simultaneous operation
  • Kubota V3307-CR-TE5-BH-1 water-cooled, diesel engine E-CDIS
  • Two-Piece Boom option available
  • Double Structure Stainless Exhaust Gas Pipe
  • Kubota original Anti Theft System
Product information
  • Operating Weight (kg)
  • Max Dig Depth (mm)
  • Power (Ps)
  • Cylinders
  • Max Speed (km/h)