The Kubota U56-5 zero tail swing excavator is the next generation of Kubota diggers.

The U56-5 is part of the brand new 5 tonne range from Kubota. The range includes the U50-5 and KX060-5 and all feature newly designed interiors and exteriors. In addition, built with the most advanced Kubota technology, they have a Kubota original DI engine with CRS and DPF muffler, all fully Stage-V compliant. They also have a full-colour, high-resolution 7” LCD screen as standard. Providing all the information the operator needs to operate the mini excavator.

Key Features
  • Zero Tail Swing
  • Kubota V2607-CR-E5 water cooled, diesel engine
  • Low noise at 74 LpA (dB)
  • High spec option available
  • Kubota original Anti Theft System
Product information
  • Operating Weight (kg)
  • Max Dig Depth (mm)
  • Power (PS)
  • Cyclinders
  • Max Speed (km/h)